Treat Your Own Back

Treat Your Own Back Paperback – January 1, 2011

This Worldwide Best-Selling Book will Help You Diagnose, Alleviate, Treat and Manage Back Pain Quickly and Effectively

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical help or miss work and is a leading cause of disability. Patients with lower back pain, upper back pain, and sciatica can benefit from the education and exercises in Treat Your Own Back. This best-selling book has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide with chronic back pain.

Written by physiotherapist Robin McKenzie, the book provides an understanding of how the spine works, the basics of mechanical back pain and common causes of back pain. It then offers do-it-yourself back pain relief techniques, including postural changes, ergonomics and clinically proven McKenzie Method® exercises.

Color photos and simple step-by-step instructions show you how to perform simple stretches and exercises that can be done just about anywhere to help treat and prevent pain. In addition to this exercise program, you’ll discover when to do the exercises, how to know if you are performing the exercises correctly, what to do when the pain has subsided, and how to prevent recurrence of pain.

In Treat Your Own Back you’ll learn:

  • Myths about acute back pain
  • How the spine works
  • The basics of mechanical back pain
  • Common causes of back pain and how to prevent it
  • How the McKenzie Method works
  • Simple stretches and exercise to help treat and prevent back pain
  • Lifestyle habits to help treat and prevent back pain
  • What to do when experiencing acute back pain
  • How to avoid and treat the effects of postural stress by improving posture
  • How to counter the effects of sitting for extended periods
  • Common remedies including medications, bed rest and acupuncture

This completely revised and formatted ninth edition landmark patient book includes updated content, new photos and clinically proven McKenzie Method® exercises. It provides a clear understanding of the causes and treatments of persistent back pain.

Written by Robin McKenzie. Illustrated. Softcover; 120 pages.

Published On: 2023-10-02
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