What’s NLP? as per Tarek

NLP is a hybrid science that was developed in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s by computer scientist, Richard Bandler, and linguist, John Grinder. They began a study of three therapists with excellent results transforming their clients’ ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. They modelled family therapist Virginia Satir, gestalt therapist Fritz Perls, and hypnotherapist Milton Erickson who legitimised hypnotherapy as a healing treatment modality by the American Medical Association.

As a result they devised a set of specific techniques that deliberately restructure toward positive functioning the brain’s thinking and the body’s behaviours by aligning the conscious with the unconscious mind and body. NLP offers highly refined tools to take charge of every area of life in the most effective way possible to produce results. It enables individuals to pro-actively design their physical and emotional response.

NLP techniques can help you:

  • Completely eradicate bad habits
  • Change old, unproductive thought patterns into positive actions
  • Exchange limiting beliefs for more productive ones
  • Replace unhealthy behaviours or desires with healthy ones
  • Motivate self and others to take action on goals
  • Create congruency within self and others
  • Increase likelihood of specific future outcomes
  • Improve learning abilities
  • Model and incorporate strategies from anyone
  • Eliminate mental and emotional blockage that prevent fulfilment of desires
  • Create new responses to old problems
  • Learn needed lessons from any experience to move on from it
  • Strengthen self image and charisma
  • Attract others

And much, much more…

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