20+ years of experience in Technical & Security Audit, Digital Forensics and Technical Investigation, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Technical Process Improvement. In addition to vast knowledge of International Standards/Guidelines/Framework (ISO/27000/223001/20000/18001/14001/9001, PCI DSS, COBIT). Varied experience in Government, Federal Public Institution, Banking, Financial Services, Education, Properties and Trading Agencies.

Subject of Interest
– Technical & Security Advisory
– Business and Process Improvement
– Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
– Culture Intelligence (CQ)
– People Intelligence (PQ)
– Cyber Criminal Psychology and Profiling.
– Detecting Lies and Deception

I would like to continue the study and research with this rarely touched and very sensitive subject matter through my PhD research, by proposing a model for Cyber Criminal Psychology & Profiling that incorporates Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Interviewing Techniques, Cyber Criminal Psychology, Cyber Forensics and Offender Profiling. Traditional model of offender profiling does not incorporate the human side of the profiler nor the offender. The research is important for federal institutions, law enforcement agencies, forensic investigators and profilers. A better profile of a Cyber-Criminal will help in speeding up the investigation process and ensuring better identification of the Cyber-Criminal. This is a very important and hot topic that was discussed very often in the last decade and is not covered scientifically in the investigation practice and literature despite its importance, criticality and advantages on making the role of investigation more authentic, acceptable, effective and efficient. I have a great experience conducting such research based on my long experience in the field of Information Security and Auditing, in addition to my personal interest around these topics, and the great value added to my career.

Created this website for people with interest to reading my articles and referring “Good-To-Read” from my personal point of view,

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