Reversing Disease Naturally

Reversing Disease Naturally Kindle Edition

Reversing Disease Naturally uncovers the labyrinth that governments and their agencies have created to protect primarily corporate interests. In this book you will discover the dirty little secrets which cell phone companies want to keep from you, secrets that are making you sick.

You will discover the food labelling laws that trick you into believing you are getting what it says on the label, where ‘Natural’ does not mean as nature intended and ‘Meat’ does not mean the flesh of an animal – two examples of how the health-conscious shopper is duped.

This book will show you in simple terms why you are becoming sick and how you can reverse even the so-called terminal diseases both naturally and safely.

For every problem presented in this book one or many exciting solutions will be on offer including forgotten or ‘forbidden’ cures not available to doctors and therapists but still perfectly legal and simple to self-administer at a fraction of the cost of more expensive treatments.

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